Membership Benefits

Zumba, Yoga, Cario Kickboxing, and a large number of equipment. We have it all.

Access to a Large Section of Equipment

The Fitness Center has a large selection of cardiovascular machines, free weights, selectorized equipment, plate-loaded equipment and equipment for check out.

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Body Composition and Fitness Consultation

Find out how much fat and lean mass your body contains. Help identify barriers, and goals, and expected outcomes of your exercise routine.

Two rows of treadmills with people working out

Coaching Sessions

Our trained staff will review your fitness goals and help guide you on starting a fitness program that's right for you, including an introduction to several pieces of equipment.

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Fitness Assessment and Personal Fitness Plan

Find out your physical fitness status and let us help you design a plan that works for you.

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Group Exercise Classes

Core Training Express

This isn't just an abs class! In 35 minutes you'll challenge your balance and stability using body weight, BOSU, weights and stability balls. Track your progress with a weekly plank challenge!

Cardio/Strength Circuit

This express class combines strength training with cardiovascular drills to give you a total body workout!

Cardio Kickboxing

Kick, punch and jab your way through this high intensity workout! Kickboxing is a non-stop choreographed workout that will test your strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Indoor Cycling

Looking for a high-energy cardio workout? Try indoor cycling! This class offers a non-impact way to build cardiovascular endurance. Designed for all levels, this class is the perfect way to get your heart pumping, and burning some serious calories. Water bottle required and towel recommended!

Free Yoga* Flow

An intensive Vinyasa Flow Class for levels II and III yogis. There is less instruction and a faster pace to this class. Not for beginner yogis.


Practice calm breathing, postures and meditation to create strength, openness and flexibility. You will leave feeling fantastic! All levels welcome.

Body By Dre

Get ready to break a sweat with this high-impact full body workout! This circuit based workout combines strength training with cardiovascular drills to keep your body guessing!


“Ditch the workout, join the party!” This dance based fitness class uses a variety of Latin and International music to motivate you through a fun and effective workout.


Intimidated by indoor cycling? This fusion class starts with 30 minutes of cycling followed by 30 minutes of abdominal/back exercises and will leave you feeling energized!

TRX Challenge

Test your strength, flexibility, and balance in under 10 minutes! Best performance wins a prize each week. Challenge yourself by using your body as your machine.